2011 Draft

The Nationals, the NFL’s most recognized and widely used scouting organization, came out with it’s grades on the probable candidates in the 2011 NFL draft.  Last year, 3 players received a 7.0 including Suh, LaFell who went in the third round, and Hardy who fell to the sixth round.  No matter what these rankings say, the player’s last season of college is the more determining factor of where they will shake out in the draft.

That being said let’s examine the top 3 score getters in this year’s Nationals ratings:

Prince Amukamara/CB/Nebraska/7.3:  A classic shutdown corner. He has steadily improved over the last two seasons and with a rating higher than that of Suh, he could be a big number one overall with a good season this year.

Adrian Clayborn/DE/Iowa/7.3:  An outstanding pass rusher, but a little lacking on the run defense.  If he ups that skill this season, he could up his draft status significantly.

Mark Herzlich/OLB/Boston College/7.2:  Herzlich received this same grade last year after he had received his cancer diagnosis.  In October 2009, he was proclaimed cancer free.  He did not play any of the 2009 season, but will play in 2009.  Herzlich will have to have a big 2010 to make the necessary impression for the draft.

The top 25 prospects include only 2 QBs, the rest are lineman, tackles, guards, ends.  It looks to be the year of the big men.

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